Helping organisations 

be safe, strong 

and resilient. 

Experience and knowledge by your side

We focus on two areas that your business depends on.  Business continuity and Health and Safety.

Business Continuity

We help organisations understand what their threats are, how to mitigate them and what to do in a crisis.

Through analysis, workshops and consultations; we can help the whole organisation understand what they need to do in a crisis and how to successfully continue operating.

As a small company grows, and takes on more employees, the legal requirements for health and safety grows with it.


We develop bespoke health and safety policies, manuals and processes, to make organisations safe and compliant for everyone.


Health and Safety


Our approach

Our aim is to look at your organisation holistically.  With business continuity, we look at all areas of the organisation, it's processes and people.  For Health and Safety we look at what you do, how you do it and the contractors you use.

Our experience

We have experience of working with small businesses, retailers, government departments and global corporates across a wide range of industries.  We always strive to add value and help your organisation succeed. 

Our team

Our team is made up of experts with years of experience.  They specialise in Business Continuity, Health and Safety, Telecoms, Facilities Management, HR, Law and Change Management. 

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"Like most small business owners, I had thought a little about the consequences of what would happen if I couldn’t run my business due to problems with my laptop or illness. Linda helped me to work out what the dangers were and to put things in place to make it easier to get back up and running should something happen to any of my kit or to me. I have now edited my terms and conditions to suit and best of all, I will be able to show this document to potential investors to help me to win funding to grow my business."


"The workshop presented Business Continuity in an interesting and engaging manner which provoked thought into how relevant it is to our business.  How important it is.  That it is not an impossible task and is not scary!"

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"Linda has been fabulous with her realistic advice and supporting us as a small organisation to become Health and Safety compliant.  For such an intricate subject, she has made it easy to understand what our responsibilities are and how to maintain them.  She has provided constant access for communicating our concerns and providing guidance that is financially feasible for us with a sensible approach.  I cannot recommend her services enough and will be more than happy to tell anyone should this testimonial not be enough" 


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