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Hi, I’m Linda

I care a great deal about Facilities Management because it is at my very core.  It is an innate ability and I've been project planning, space planning and creating strategies since I was a child.  As a child, I not only created a fire escape plan for my family (including spare dog lead upstairs in case of fire downstairs!), I used to write to businesses to tell them where they could improve!

I have been fortunate enough to learn whilst gaining vital experience and have worked my way from the grassroots to the board room table, as a contractor to client side and as a consultant too.  This has enabled me to see organisations from every angle and ensures my clients benefit from this unique viewpoint.

I loved Facilities Management so much I paid for my own training and became one of the youngest qualified Facilities Managers at the time!

I have a passion for and care about Business Continuity because I have seen business owners with nothing after disruption ruined their business.  All of their hard work, dedication, hopes and dreams reduced to having to cancel holidays, their children's activities and descending into ill health due to the stress it caused.  I have the knowledge to stop this happening again!

I care about Health and Safety because I have been on the other side.  I slipped and fell due to lack of signage on a wet floor and spent six months out of work and hours upon hours in hospital waiting rooms.  Aside from the pain and the daily battle to get better, not being able to do my job was the hardest thing of all and I don't want anyone else to experience this.

Now it's time for everything to come together, so I can deliver these services and help businesses succeed!


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Linda Goodchild MD CBIFM, TechIOSH

Linda Goodchild The Improvement Group Ltd
Linda Goodchild CBIFM, TechIOSH

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We work with associates to provide both advice and training to our customers.  Every Associate is chosen because they are an expert in their field and will be able to provide both the breadth and depth of knowledge as well as real life experiences which are essential in a learning and improving environment.

If you are interested in becoming an associate, please email: linda@improvementgroup.co.uk.

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