Following a detailed analysis of your current arrangements, we provide a written report which highlights any areas of concern along with recommendations to improve your resilience.

Assessing your resilience

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An assessment is the starting point for all our clients.  Being able to understand where you are with your resilience strategies and plans helps us see where your strengths lie and where opportunities can be found to improve your resilience.  

It could be you have fantastic plans in place, but nothing written down or have a written plan, but in reality it won't work.  We help you to work through these to get to a point where you have clarity on how resilient your business is now and how resilient it could be if you make some changes.

What's included

  • Initial stakeholder meeting to understand business aims and objectives

  • Review across six key areas:

    • Policy,

    • Impact analysis and awareness,

    • Solutions,

    • Implementation,

    • Testing 

    • Embedding

  • Clear recommendations and action plan

  • Report with commentary comparing current plan with industry best practice