We work with start-ups and businesses that are growing to enable them to keep their customers and employees safe and ensure they are compliant with current legislation.


You may already know that you don't need a written health and safety policy until you have 5 employees (don't forget you are classed as an employee too!).  But that doesn't mean you don't have any health and safety responsibilities.

With many businesses wanting to tender competitively  and taking Health and Safety really seriously, more and more are looking to have written policies and procedures to underpin and evidence what they already do.

Whats included

  • Understanding your business activities

  • Identifying what you already have in place

  • Developing a policy and manual that is bespoke to your organisation

  • Developing a folder of evidence 

  • Engaging with your workforce to deliver toolbox talks and embed the policy 

  • Planning ahead for projects 

  • Working with you to help you understand what your responsibilities are

  • Understanding what to look for when sub-contracting work