• Linda Goodchild

Do you take a cold hard stare at the risks facing your business every year?

If not, you should be! Just as you would look at your marketing, your website and finances annually, understanding what obstacles could be round the corner is vital for business success and importantly your mental and physical health.

Not convinced? Let me explain.

Without an understanding of what could impact you and a plan of how you will wrk around things that come your way, you could end up in a right mess. Not just a wipe off and start again mess, I mean a proper tangle where you have to ask for someone else to help you - think banks, insurance claims etc.

Business owners who have lost huge amounts in floods, fire or even losing a big customer (take Thomas Cook for example) have described this period of time as feeling like grief. The business they've worked so hard for is sinking in front of them and they have no life ring for it.

Keep in mind that every plan will be different, but there are lots that are very much the same.

Keep posted and I'll go through each element on a weekly basis to help you with your contingency plans, so you too don't struggle if and when disruption strikes your business.

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